What kinds of jobs can you get with a linguistics major? What career options are there for linguistics PhDs who don’t want to go into academia?

The linguistics jobs series interviews people who have a linguistics major, linguistics minor, masters in linguistics, or doctorate in linguistics, about what they’re doing with their careers, advice for current linguistics students looking at the job market, what kinds of work experience they had, and what they wish they’d known about trying to get a job with a linguistics degree.

General skills: how to explain why your linguistics degree is relevant in a job interview or application

Academic advice:

Long list of possible linguistics jobs:

Both common and unexpected jobs that people have gotten with a linguistics degree – click for interviews! Also check the linguistics jobs tag for the most recent interviews, since it updates automatically.

These interviews are by Lauren Gawne at Superlinguo:

I also post or reblog linguistics jobs related articles and resources when I come across them:

General careers resources:

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