Alphatrad Worldwide offers a selection of business translation and localization solutions which empower organizations to communicate with their clients in the right language. With computer-assisted-translation (CAT) tools, our translation workflow can be supported and facilitated by highly sophisticated computer software made available to our trained, domain-expert language professionals.

The benefits of using automated translation are extensive as they enable communication to the global market as well as instant access to vital information within a preferred language. However, it is crucial to understand that the CAT technology does not represent machine translation and, instead, it is best understood to be machine-assisted as it requires the manual input by a human, professional linguist.

With the assistance of CAT tools, translation productivity is therefore boosted enabling content to be delivered faster. The added benefit is that multiple languages can be supported providing a broader reach and making content easily accessible to global customers. With the use of the latest computer-assisted translation technology, Alphatrad Worldwide can quickly translate a wide range of business communication such highly technical documents and content, complex legal agreements, contracts and memoranda of understanding, service level agreements, financial reports, corporate press releases, scientific studies and essays, marketing and extremely creative content, electronic and electro-technical products related manuals, convoluted data sheets of the latest IT advances and hi-tech devices, medical and scientific papers, informed patient study reports and forms, pharmaceutical products description, material safety data sheets, websites and much more. We ensure excellent quality and pinpointed consistency and have the ability to translate content as it evolves, empowering organizations to enter any new market across the globe.

With the demand to translate high volumes of content, the CAT tools used by Alphatrad Worldwide ensure the consistency of the work format, style and terminology throughout the content. This is vital especially for technical, financial and legal documentation. With the use of translation memory (TM), pre-translations are done which increases our productivity. Other features include word count, text analysis, comparison of new and pre-translated material and much more. By combining our valued subject-matter linguists with our advanced software solutions, Alphatrad Worldwide is able to meet the language requirements of our global clients with efficiency and ease.

Below you will find some of our recent case studies about our satisfied customers and how they benefited from our comprehensive and professional localization and translation solutions.

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